Master craftsman, Jeff Einstein has been creating jewellery of the finest quality for thirty years. From his origins as a jewellery goldsmith, Jeff Einstein has travelled extensively to perfect his design skills in order to provide his diverse, yet discerning, clientele with cutting edge creativity and timeless elegance.

Jeff Einstein is committed to the highest calibre and quality of product and service. His Double Bay boutique provides customers with personal attention, individual direction and the highest level of advice to suit any jewellery requirements. His select team of craftsmen are focused and chosen for excellence to ensure consistency in production outcome and ultimate service satisfaction.

Honesty is Jeff's top priority and customers feel totally trusting in Jeff's hands.

With a heritage of design excellence and unique craftsmanship, our collection offers unparalleled individuality and exquisite detail. Our jewellery embodies the understanding that 'fine art is an essential element of everyday life'. Our collection offers timeless beauty, classic style and above all lasting elegance.